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Who We Are

Since 1976, Deebar have been at the forefront in designing and manufacturing products for the Mining, Power Generation, Motor, Petro-Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries.

Deebar, with its own Research and Development department continuously researches and develops products to maintain Deebar's lead in both the products and industries it services.

As designers, manufacturers and suppliers of electrical/electronic and mechanical equipment, our commitment to quality and customer service is a priority and this is confirmed by Intertek and our compliance to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems Accreditation.

Deebar's head office and main factory is in Gauteng and our products are backed by a national network of professional sales and support agents, with branches based in Cape Town, Rustenburg, Northwest and Steelpoort.

Deebar commenced business in 1976 initially manufacturing and supplying Lock and Call Bell Shaft Signalling Systems which formed the core of its business.

The history of Electronic Shaft Signalling in the South African Mining Industry:

Prior to 1975, mine shaft signalling was done by means of manual bell ringers when signalling between Hoist Driver/Onsetter and Driver/Banksman. Products used were the reliable Martco No.70 and Martco S101 series type Bell ringers.

In 1975, Anglo American (Labs) designed an Electronic Signalling Card to replace the manual type bell ringing units, primarily to give a clearer and distinct signals to eliminate any misunderstanding of what signal was rung.

Martco Electrical, who at that time had been manufacturing manual signalling systems for 25 years, had the necessary experience to assist Anglo Labs with the testing of this new electronic signalling unit by equipping them into Martco enclosures with all the other Martco ancillary equipment and testing them under mining conditions.

Once this was approved, Martco entered into an agreement and negotiated the sole rights to manufacture and sell these units to the mining industry.

In 1976, Deebar entered the market with their own range of signalling products, and competed with Martco Electrical in this industry. In 1984, Deebar acquired Martco and merged their entire shaft signalling range of products together with Deebar's existing range under the brand name Belltronic™.

Since then, Deebar have been the market leaders in the field of lock and call bell shaft signalling.

Mine shaft signalling has changed drastically over the years with Deebar having instituted numerous safety features into the originally designed unit by producing a number of versions of signalling units to cater for the ever-changing markets.

Together with Deebar's extensive range of ancillary products that compliment activities in a mine shaft, Deebar remain the market leaders in the field of shaft signalling, monitoring, Scada displays and shaft gate interlocks together with many other products.

Our other ranges include:

- Fortress Trapped Key Interlocking

- IMO Switchgear

- Benedict / Telux Switchgear

- Deebar Rail-Veyor Bulk Material Handling System

Who We Are


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Product reliability is vital and that is why Deebar remains focused on, centered design, manufacture and service. Along with a comprehensive range of products, Deebar guarantees the highest quality in products and services.

At Deebar, we are committed to listen to our customers, understand their needs and endeavour to deliver results that exceed their expectations. When it comes to products and service we pride ourselves on service and reliability.

Mission Statement

Deebar designs and manufactures highly reliable Signalling, Communication, Monitoring Devices, Safety Equipment and Bulk Material Handling Systems for use in harsh environments within the Mining, Power Generation, Automotive and Process Industries and will continually improve its technologies and service by applying creativity to all aspects of its business.


Deebar intends to regularly develop the latest technology for its core client base in which it operates in and continually strives for perfection. In doing so it will assist in uplifting and improving the quality of life of all its employees.


At Deebar, we strive to provide a safe working environment for all our employees and to produce safety enhancing products for all our customers. Safety is a priority to Deebar, this is evident in the wide range of safety related products in our portfolio.

Social Responsibility

At Deebar we consider the broader interests of society and we contribute towards the organisation “Sports For All” to create community economic empowerment in urban, semi-urban and rural communities.

The programme focuses on job creation, service delivery to communities and skills development to create a sustainable future.