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Since 1976, Deebar have been at the forefront in designing and manufacturing products for the Mining, Power Generation, Motor, Petro-Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries.

Deebar, with its own Research and Development department continuously researches and develops products to maintain Deebar's lead in both the products and industries it services.

As designers, manufacturers and suppliers of electrical/electronic and mechanical equipment, our commitment to quality and customer service is a priority and this is confirmed by Intertek and our compliance to ISO9001:2015 Quality Management Systems Accreditation.

Deebar entered the market in the mid 70’s with their own range of signalling products, and competed with Martco Electrical in this industry. In 1984, Deebar acquired Martco and merged their entire shaft signalling range of products together with Deebar's existing range under the brand name Belltronic™.

Since then, Deebar have been the market leaders in the field of lock and call bell shaft signalling systems.

Mine shaft signalling has changed drastically over the years with Deebar having instituted numerous safety features into the originally designed unit by producing a number of versions of signalling units to cater for the ever-changing markets.

Together with Deebar's extensive range of ancillary products that compliment activities in a mine shaft, Deebar remain the market leaders in the field of shaft signalling, monitoring, Scada displays and shaft gate interlocks together with many other products.

The various range of Deebar Products include:



Product Divisions

Portable Cooling

Installation Team

Deebar strives to offer it’s customers an all round service. To help achieve this, Deebar has a fully trained and qualified team of installation technicians. This allows us to offer you not only a superior quality product but also the peace of mind that we will take care of all your installation requirements.

Deebar’s installation team will work round the clock to ensure your Deebar products are fully operational to minimise down time.

Trapped Key Interlocking

Bulk Material Handling

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We are continuously updating and upgrading our catalogue to supply you the latest in our product developments.

Please click on the link below to download the latest version of our catalogue.


Product Divisions

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