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Deebar's core business has always been Shaft Signalling Systems with the majority of the mines in Southern Africa using our systems. Deebar's shaft signalling systems have been successfully communicating signals which has ensured the safe transport of thousands of mine personnel daily to their work stations underground and back to surface.

Deebar offer various shaft signalling products which include manual bell pulls and ringers as well as electronic lock bells and call bells. The electronic lock and call bells are branded under the trade name Belltronic™.

All shaft signals and other activities are monitored, recorded and displayed to provide a full history of the shaft station activities. This data is available for viewing by mine personnel as and when required. (Similar to a black box in an aircraft).

Other products include:

Station Stopping Device: A robust mechanical device used to prevent / safeguard underground vehicles from falling down a vertical mine shaft. Interlocked with the shaft bells signalling system, it eliminates the possibility of the Winder Driver moving the conveyance in an unsafe mode.

A vast range of lighting products are manufactured, these include, Underground Lighting for haulages, Station Lighting, Robot and Level Indication Lighting, Flashing beacons, Refuge Bay Emergency Lights, etc.

Communication Systems include: Mine Telephones and Robust Intercom Systems (Biza Khuluma Units).

An extensive range of Starters, including, Winch, Pump and Fan Starters are manufactured as standard products for the mining industry with Deebar having the facility to build any starter to the customer's exact specifications.

Our Mining Division is separated into the below sections:

> Manual Shaft Signalling

> Electronic Shaft Signalling

> Telephones & Communication

> Lighting

> Safety Devices

> Keyswitches

> Starters

> Enclosures


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