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Deebar holds the “Key” that can offer you the complete shaft safety interlocking system that will prevent rolling stock from entering the station area when the shaft station safety devices are not in position or in an unsafe position, or when the conveyance is not on the station.

Deebar has various combinations of station stopping devices with the option to either mechanically, electrically or pneumatically, interlock and interface to the Lockbell Signalling units providing safety when moving rolling stock from surface to the underground levels.

When a stopping device is up (safe position), the Lockbell can be operated and the conveyance can be rung away. When the stopping device is down (unsafe position), the Lockbell remains locked and the conveyance cannot be rung away.
The interlocking of station stopping devices with electronic bell signalling, is covered by a Deebar patent "Interlocking System" No: 1999 / 07367.

Interlocking Safety Devices to Signalling Units

Since the inception of BEE, Deebar has viewed Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment as an  imperative measure to enable the company to fall in line with South African Law.

Accordingly Deebars' strategy was to:

Become a premier, independent South African company that designs, manufactures and installs a range of Shaft Communication Systems and Safety related products.

Build a credible empowerment base for the company; and

Position the company to play a constructive role in the transformation and development of the South African mining and industrial industries.

Deebar views B-BBEE as a fundamental criteria for the long-term development and stability of the South African economy. Therefore, a distinctive feature of its strategy is to commit the company to meaningful and sustainable BBBEE empowerment initiatives in all aspects of its business. Progressive empowerment policies and the setting of aggressive employment equity targets and integral components of the company's value system and code of conduct.

As a result, it is with great pleasure that we announce the sale of 26% shareholding to Nthabiseng Moloi and Gcobisa Klaas.

These two women have grown within the company and have shown dedication and loyalty to the business. They currently both hold important positions in the company and have not only shown initiative, but also skills and leadership.

This transaction will also meet the requirements of the Mining Charter as a premier black-owned (woman), diversified manufacturing South African company.


Deebar have officially been appointed the distributor of the Technopost Station Stopper Device.

The Technogrid® is a strain energy absorption device that will absorb the kinetic or potential energy of a moving object by deforming a metal grid of known design and characteristics through a stroke deformation of predicted value.

The impact post is designed to fold flat between the rails to allow traffic flow. The control of the system can be interlocked into the existing station stopping devices and cage winder interlocking systems.

D.AM Gard Farm Gate Lock

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The key to operate the D.AM Gard Farm Gate lock is the authorised Onsetter's key, which ensures that the gate is operated by the authorised person.

The new D.AM Gard Farm Gate Lock can be fitted to mining Farm Gates and can be interlocked to the Shaft Signalling Unit and the Interlocking Panel to provide the ultimate in safety.

Benco’s success is based on more than 27 years of supplying good quality machinery and professional services.

Manufacturing of crushing & screening Equipment

Trapped Key Interlocking

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Industry 4.0 Interlocking

Achieving Safety During CIP

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Click here to read how trapped key interlocking is keeping people safe.

Mopani Copper Mine

As you are aware we are currently busy with the Mopani Copper Mine project in Zambia. 85% of the equipment has been delivered and our teams are about to commence installing the training centre, before embarking on the installation work underground. This is the first of two projects for Mopani and we look forward to receiving the next phase around the middle of this year.

The Deebar Installation Team is on site and ready to commence with the installations of shaft signalling and safety devices at Mopani in Zambia.

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