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Deebar Automation

Automation is a word now used widely to describe many services and products that have had some or all of the human interaction taken out and replaced with an electronic signal or application programme.  A fundamental truth remains true and that is; a machine can never replace a Human.

As industries have developed and technology has improved new and innovative ways of performing tasks, monitoring for safety and efficiency and controlling processes have emerged.  We deploy these technologies to benefit both people and business. A philosophy of drive cost down and efficiency up, guides our life cycle engineering designs.

Complex control of petro chemical processes to simple monitoring of a pump delivering water to a tank are now tied together through communication systems across the world or just to the room next door.

Deebar Automation integrates the range of products under Deebar Mining and Deebar Rail-Veyor® into user friendly systems that monitor report and make critical decisions on your behalf to ensure continued operations in your absence. World leading suppliers of PLC, MCC, SCADA and HMI products are used by Deebar Automation to deliver integrated, functional systems for process automation, production monitoring, performance monitoring and reporting.

Deebar Mining and Industrial Supplies have been providing and using automation solutions as part of delivery service to the mining and associated industries for many years and provide independent fully guaranteed motor control centres (MCC), programmable logic controls (PLC), application programme, visualisation, installation and commissioning of automated and process control systems into the mining and manufacturing industries of South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa.


For further information about Deebar Automation, please contact Sarel Du Plessis on 011 873 4332

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