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Customer satisfaction is the basic standard by which Deebar judges itself as a leading supplier of electrical and mechanical products.

Consistently high quality is the foundation of our philosophy and the cornerstone of our business. Deebar's products are made in accordance with

ISO 9001:2015.

It is therefore our policy to:

Strive for continuous improvement of performance by regular reviews of the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

Comply with application legislation and other requirements of the Region and Country where work is performed.

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Certificate ISO 9001-2015 08 August 2018.pdf

Provide products that consistently meet the highest quality expectations of our valued customers.

Actively pursue and encourage programs that strive to ensure excellence in quality.

Instil in our employees the concept that quality is our first priority.

Deebar apply world-class occupational health and safety (OHS) management practices within its manufacturing plant (15 Main Reef Road, Germiston), hence becoming the model for similar developments throughout Africa.

The Occupational Health & Safety is developed and operated in a manner, which is economically and socially acceptable and sustainable.

Quality is not an option at Deebar. It is Deebar's commitment to total customer satisfaction.


Download the certificate in pdf format.